Add To Your WishlistCatia book junk journal Forest pine - vintage paper filled handmade upcycled vintage book!

Add To Your WishlistCatia book junk journal Forest pine - vintage paper filled handmade upcycled vintage book!

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    Catia book junk journal - vintage paper filled handmade upcycled vintage book handmade in Portugal. 

    This beautiful vintage paper junk journal is very handy and perfect to pop into your bag and have a variety of vintage papers with you at all times. You can use up the pages or keep your own junk journal, adding your own bits and diary entries. Each book is different!!

    More info about the handmade junk book journal: 

    Forest pine 
    Forest pine it's a junk journal with a shown binding spine from recycled hardcover that contains 3 signatures, boho stitched tabs and metallic charms. The tinny glass bottle contains dried lavender seeds.

    The main focus of this book is nature and exploration. It makes me think of those diary books that you use during your nature walks, where you take notes of all magical things you may find.

    The pages of this book have stitching pockets and decorations specially made with my antique Oliva sewing machine. Made with original vintage curated papers, art papers and scrapbook paper. Old vellum paper might be found as pockets to store your ephemera.

    About the creator

    I've been making journals since very young and would collect papers from everything (packages, advertisements, paper bags..) Just recently started to explore this subject deeply as a way of self-exploration. Being in contact with different types of paper from different times and be able to create stories during the process of making a junk journal makes me relaxed. It's like therapy. I'm what you call, a paper lover addict!

    Is this your first junk journal? Perhaps not, but you feel fascinated by it and want to explore new forms of self-expression? This book will be your new loyal friend, and I'm going to help you through this new journaling journey.

    The Anatomy of my junk journals
    What to do with...

    1. A busy page
    Busy pages from old textbooks are used to give you a 'base' to work with. A background for your images or pictures. You can journal in a piece of paper and glue on top of it, or you can paint and draw as well. I like to use my acrylics over those papers.

    2. white pages scary me. How can I break the ice and have fun with those?
    Well, this question can be interpreted in different ways depending on what calls you in the moment of spending time with your journal. If you are a writer, those will be fantastic because that means you have plenty of space to let your wild mind free. If you are an artist you can draw on top of them but if you are like me who needs a colour base as a form to stimulate our creative juices then I suggest making a prep to that page. Make random marks with your art supplies. Do some collage, and you will see that later will be easier to let things flow.

    3. What about pockets? Why in vellum?
    Vellum is a semi-transparent material that provides you with a window to look through. I like to use them to protect pictures inside. With the small pockets, I like to save tickets, coupons, stamps and other small paper bits that call me.

    4. Why make hidden pockets/journaling spots?
    Sometimes you want to get rid of a certain emotion, and you want to write it down but are afraid of being easily found out by someone else later. These will be perfect for their purpose. You can also use those smart spots to have a constant interactive relationship with your journal. Don't be afraid. This is your journal.

    5. Can I tear a page or cut part of it? Maybe glue in a different page?
    Seriously? Why not? I do that all the time. Sometimes I see an image I wanted to keep and cut it. I still can use that page later because after cutting I have an open window for the next page. The possibilities are infinite.

    My biggest tip is TO USE IT! Don't leave your journal alone too long. Your loyal friend won't go anywhere, but you need to create a relationship with it in order to make it a better happy place to journal in.

    Happy journalling time,
    Blessings from Cátia (@fayerin_art)